‘To Leslie’ Trailer: Andrea Riseborough and Allison Janney Deal With Mental Illness and Lost Lottery Winnings

Andrea Riseborough may have hit the lottery with her portrayal of an addicted mother who wasted her power-ball winnings. Momentum pictures released the trailer for To Leslie earlier this week and the quiet grounded indie drama looks like a film you can bet on.

Riseborough plays the titular Leslie, who comes back home from frivolously spending her lottery winnings to seek redemption and a relationship with her son (Owen Teague). The festival-darling and Riseborough have already received rave reviews since its premiere at the 2022 South by Southwest Film Festival in March. It is the first feature from long time television director Michael Morris.

Joining her and Teague are Marc Maron, Andre Royo, and Stephen Root. Oscar-winner Allison Janney dons a thick Southern accent, white blond hair and a long pony tail as a motherly figure that challenges Leslie at every turn.

I’m excited to see Riseborough and Janney together. One is a underrated character actor who definitely deserves more recognition and the other was an underrated character actor who has finally received her due over the last couple of years. Riseborough can do no wrong and with Janney supporting her, this film could have some of the strongest female acting performances of 2022

To Leslie will release October 7.