The Official Poster for ‘Andor’ Sets An Epic Stage

My level of anticipation for Disney+’s upcoming series Andor has steadily shot up over the past two months. I was always going to watch the show, let’s be real, but I didn’t have much hope for it to leave a lasting impact. Sure a spy show set in the early days of the rebellion has promise, but we know how Cassian Andor’s story ends so some of the mystique is stripped away. Then we got a trailer, then another, then more info, and more info all of which has built this show up from a series about a single rebellion spy to what appears to be the true birth of the rebellion. Even the new poster, released via the Star Wars twitter account seems to confirm that, with the tagline “The Rebellion Begins”.

The poster, pictured below in full, also makes it clear that while Andor is centered on one individual his sphere of influence is MUCH wider then any of us would have thought. He definitely seemed important in Rogue One, but it seems now we are going to learn he was the Forrest Gump of the rebellion, tying in everyone from Mon Mothma to Saw Gerrera. Not just that but also it promises to show us the darker side of the rebellion, it’s not all death star trech runs and medal ceremonies as evidence by the billowing black smoke occupying entire right side of the poster.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the biggest pieces of news that came up recently and that’s Andor‘s episode count. With most series clocking in at 6-8 episodes this new show is doubling the ante with a 12 episode season! Oh the storytelling that can be done!

Make sure to catch the first three episodes of Andor September 28th on Disney+, weekly after that!