‘Ironheart’: GLOW Actress Shakira Barrera Added To Upcoming Disney+ Series

Shakira Barrera is stepping away from wrestlers and petty crime to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has been cast in the upcoming Ironheart series, which will focus on young genius Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne). She was previously in Netflix’s GLOW and the recent Sprung from Freevee.

As her superhero name suggests, Riri is an “inventor and creator of the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man.” Riri Williams is supposed to be introduced in the Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever. Director Ryan Coogler will serve as an executive producer on the show along with head writer Chinaka Hodge, Zinzi Coogler, and Sev Ohanian.

Anthony Ramos, Manny Montana, Alden Ehrenreich, Regan Aliyah, Shea Couleé, and Zoe Terakes are joining Thorne and Barrera in Ironheart. Marvel has yet to announce what character Barrera will be playing. More specifics about characters should come out after the Black Panther sequel comes out in November. Ironheart is scheduled to be released on Disney+ in late 2023.