D23: The MCU Gets Serious In The Trailer for ‘Secret Invasion’

Secret Invasion, the upcoming Disney+ series (and Nick Fury’s first starring role) take it’s name from an earth shattering comic book arc where it’s discovered that the Skrulls (those green skinned, shape-shifting aliens from Captain Marvel) have been deeply imbedded in the hierarchy of Earth, Senators, Congressmen/women, movie stars, even Superhero’s were actually Skrulls in disguise. With that in mind it’s not surprise that the tone of the trailer, released today at Disney’s D23 event, is deadly serious. I mean in a way that, if the trailer represents accurately what we’re going to get, will supplant Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the record holder for a “shit got real” theme in the MCU. Obviously I mean the feel of a movie as a whole, Infinity War/Endgame were obviously the films with the biggest stakes, but that 70s spy thriller vibe that Winter Soldier had is seemingly elevated in the Samuel L. Jackson starring series.

Key Takeaways:

  • I’m so glad to see Cobie Smolders back as Maria Hill, she never really got to sit in the spotlight and then just sort of disappeared in the last phase of films.
  • Based on what we see, and that the Skrulls were actually good guys the last time we see them, I’m going to assume we’re dealing with a extremist faction of the species. Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos appears to still be on Fury’s side, so it hasn’t been a long con and as far as I’m aware the Skrulls are the only shape shifters in the universe.
  • Emilia Clarke is a sight for sore eyes, though we only get a few fleeting shots of her. What we do get definitely make her out to be a bad ass operative of some sort.

Check out the trailer below and look for Secret Invasion on Disney+ in early 2023