The Sequels for Aquaman and Shazam Will Be Here Later Then Expected, WB Decides to Push for ‘Avatar 2’

Another week, another round of depressing Warner Bros studios news. At least this time it’s not a full on cancellation like we just saw with Batgirl. Nope, just strategic moves around the one Hollywood powerhouse you can never underestimate, James Cameron. Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods, which was supposed to premier on December 21st this year will now open on March 17th, 2023. If that date sounds familar it’s because that’s when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was supposed to hit theaters, with Shazam taking his spot Aquaman gets booted all the way to Christmas Day 2023.

So what does James Cameron have to do with all of this? Well, sources say that the move is to get Shazam away from Avatar: The Way of Water allowing for a less contested box office take and access to more IMAX screens. Personally, I never have and still don’t understand the Avatar thing….really, how is that movie #1 of all time and why are we expecting it to break the bank a decade and change after it the original was released. It was a huge event when it came out, and it broke ground in the realm of 3D (which has since died again) but let’s be honest…no one is quoting Avatar, you don’t see a bunch of Na’vi at Comic Con, my point is it made a big splash and disappeared from the public consciousness.

It doesn’t seem to be all about Cameron avoidance though, there were a number of other moves. The new brass at WB seems very streaming averse, which is the driver for the House Party and Evil Dead Rise both of which were set for a streaming release but are now hitting theaters on December 9th, 2022 and April 21st, 2023 respectively.

I suppose a few extra months won’t kill us but I really have to think, with all that’s going on, that the WB should be wanting to get two of their most successful superheros of the last decade into theaters sooner rather then later to garner some good vibes. Of course, I’m not fancy studio exec, so what do I know?