Vampire Rave! ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ S04 Teaser Promises That and More!

Horrible confession time…I’ve never seen a minute of the (supposedly) hilarious cult hit What We Do In The Shadows, not the movie (2014) or the show (2019) currently airing on FX, it’s ok. Shame away.

Now that we got that out of our systems let’s talk about why I’m going to be making this a must tackle on the ole queue wish list.  First, the buzz. If you follow entertainment at all you’ve undoubtedly heard of the show which was created by the always awesome Jemaine Clement and, now, superstar Taika Waititi. In case you haven’t, here’s the elevator pitch: A look into the daily lives of four vampires who have lived (un-lived?) together for over 100 years on Staten Island. That HAS to have your curiosity.

Second, Matt Berry. I would literally watch this guy read the back of cereal boxes for an hour each day. After first seeing him on The IT Crowd I was immediately hooked, his delivery and that otherworldly Shakespearean voice mixed with a Jack Black-ish appearance is just something you can’t look away from

Third, the teaser below. I knew the show was going to be on the quirky side but that didn’t even begin to prepare me for seeing a Vampire, in full Dracula-esque garb doing that Russian sitting dance while trying to score a date in the middle of a rave. It really just seems like the perfect thing to escape from a bad day. Maybe I’m wrong, but check out the teaser below and tell me you’re not interested!