The Official Poster for ‘Black Adam’ Heralds A Full Trailer Coming Tomorrow!

Black Adam has got to be high on the list of most anticipated films yet to come out, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever. Even more so if you go back to the initial fan-casting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the role. The wait is almost over, and the fans DEFINITELY got this one right, with The Rock bringing not just a perfect look but also an obvious love and care to get this one right. That last bit, my friends, is why I’m not at all concerned about the extensive reboots. Sure, they usually signify trouble ahead but they can also show a group of filmmakers with an intense desire to nail it. If it’s not perfect, make it perfect!

While I’d much rather be bringing you footage tonight, that’s just not how today’s movie world works. For big films like this you have to have a teaser for the teaser which the film’s mega-star can drop on their Twitter feed. Case in point:



You know what? That poster is JUST bad ass enough to make me tolerate another 24 hours. Stay tuned here to for the trailer drop tomorrow and look for Black Adam in theaters on October 21st.