Mel Gibson Gets Explosive In The Trailer for ‘Hot Seat’

As someone who works in IT I always knew sitting in a chair all day could kill you, but the filmmakers behind Hot Seat, the new action film starting Mel Gibson and Kevin (Johnny Drama) Dillon are taking that thought to a whole new level. Dillon plays Orlando Friar, an ex-hacker who runs an IT shop. When a mysterious caller informs him that the chair he just sat in has a pressure sensitive bomb attached to it he’s forced back to his old ways, forced to hack the hedge fund bankers in the floor above him or go up in flames. Gibson plays Wallace Reed, a grizzled bomb squad technician who doesn’t think all is as it seems.

Sounds pretty formulaic, right? Is that bad? Not necessarily, honestly Gibson is always best playing someone slightly unhinged and this role has that written all over it. Kevin Dillon I’m used to with a comic angle but if the trailer below is any indication he’s able to hold his own in a more serious role. I’ll be the first to admit that this trailer doesn’t appear to be Oscar bait but if movies like Phone Booth taught us anything, it’s that these “Guy stuck in a single place” films can be surprisingly fun.

Check out the trailer below and look for Hot Seat in select theaters and on digital July 1st, 2022



Official Synopsis

A reformed hacker turned cyber security technician finds himself in the HOT SEAT when he realizes that he’s just armed a bomb under his chair and he’s forced to help a maniacal anonymous caller pull off an impossible cyber robbery.