‘Fresh’ Trailer: Sebastian Stan Rakes Daisy Edgar Jones Through The Romance Ringer

One of most anticipated movies out of the 2022 Sundance Film Festival finally has a trailer. As one of the festival’s most lauded selections, Fresh lived up to its name giving a new and twisted take on modern dating. Directed by first timer Mimi Cave and starring a deliciously evil Sebastian Stan and an equally daring Daisy Edgar Jones, this romantic comedy horror film

Like the film, the trailer starts out with Noa (Jones) suffering through a bad date before meeting a charming stranger in the grocery store. “Do you live around here?” He asks.”Because I live on aisle 6.” We soon see clips of Noa and said stranger, Steve (Stan), fall in love before all hell breaks loose and things go awry.

“Its about giving, giving yourself over to someone and becoming one forever. That’s love.” Stan’s Steve tells us over a montage of food porn, dance sequences, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Heads Will Roll”.

Jonica T. Gibbs, Charlotte Le Bon, and Dayo Okeniyi also star. The script was penned by none other than Ibiza writer Lauryn Kahn. Those that romantic comedy definitely had its issues, lead Richard Madden said some of the most dreamy lines in it ever said on film. That romantic quality transfers over to Kahn’s Fresh script, making the twist even more violently jarring.

I’m just excited for everyone to see it. Fresh was my favorite film at Sundance this year and absolutely blew my mind. I was worried that the trailer would give too much away and though it almost crosses the line, the audience should still go in relatively blind. The film’s poster, however, might be a little more revealing.

Fresh hits Hulu March 4th.

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