‘Family Squares’ Trailer: Judy Greer, Ann Dowd, Margot Martindale, & More Deal With Family Dysfunction Over ZOOM

Over the last couple of years, family get-togethers haven’t been the same. Thanks to COVID, many of us haven’t seen our loved ones very often. That means all of that family dysfunction had to be put on display over Zoom and other forms of long distance communication. And that’s what Stephanie Laing’s film, Family Squares, is all about, and she’s gathered a tremendous for what looks to be an emotional and funny comedy set squarely during pandemic.

The story, based on a tragic event in Laing’s life, follows a dysfunctional family who must set aside their differences to deal with a tragedy. But how do they do that in the midst of lockdown? Over Zoom, of course. And the cast Laing gathered is pretty incredible and includes June Squibb, Ann Dowd, Elsie Fisher, Judy Greer, Billy Magnussen, Margot Martindale, Sam Richardson, Scott MacArthur, Timothy Simons, Zoe Chao, Jessica Miesel, Maclaren Laing, and Henry Winkler.

Ann Dowd and Margo Martindale is enough to sell me on this. I could care less how sick and utterly tired I am of pandemic movies shot in this style.

Family Squares hits theaters and VOD on February 25th.

In the film, the Worths are a family portrait of dysfunction. When Grandma Mabel (June Squibb) dies, they must set aside their differences and come together. Mayhem quickly ensues as long-buried family secrets bubble to the surface with a shocking revelation. But, as they begin to find their way back to each other, they soon realize that while you can’t choose your family, you can choose to be friends with them.