Cinema Royale: Talking ‘Uncharted’ And ‘Dog, #OscarsFanFavorite (Special Guest: Joey Magidson)

It only took, what, a decade and about a dozen different directors and two dozen different stars but Sony’s Uncharted is finally here! On this latest episode of Cinema Royale, Joey Magidson of Awards Radar joins in to talk the video game flick starring some dudes named Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. What have they ever done?

Plus, Channing Tatum is a soldier who hits the road with an angry canine in the feel-good (?) road trip film, Dog!

And since we have Joey here, it seems like a good time to talk about the Academy’s new #OscarsFanFavorite movie award, voted on through social media by the fans! An pitiful act of desperation? A clever way to attract casual moviegoers to watch the broadcast?

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