Cinema Royale: Talking ‘The Suicide Squad’, ‘Annette’, ‘Jungle Cruise’, New TMNT, Superman, & More

First off, apologies for the low audio through parts of this week’s episode! We’ll be sure to have those technical problems fixed for the next show, but all you missed was Travis anyway so nothing too crucial! j/k

What does Harley Quinn, an old theme park ride, and a creepy stand-up comedian who falls in love with an Opera singer have in common? They’re all on Cinema Royale this week. Of course, I’m referring to our reviews of The Suicide Squad, Jungle Cruise, and Annette with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard! We wouldn’t leave you with just that though, there’s LOTS of news on the platter this week! A Cobra Kai kid becoming Blue Beetle, Henry Cavil hanging up his Superman tights, and everyone’s favorite heroes in a half-shell plus much more, this week on Cinema Royale!

All of this and more!

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