An Old Enemy Returns In The Teaser For ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4

Terry Silver, the big bad from The Karate Kid III, wasn’t like those that came before him. He wasn’t about the sport, he was a sociopathic manipulator who used Karate as his cover. A rich guy that looked like the archetype for late 80s, early 90s, sleezebag. Jet black hair, slicked back and an expensive suit. It was inevitable that Cobra Kai, still riding high on the global popularity boom enjoyed by their move to Netflix, would end up bringing Silver into the mix eventually. It appears, from the teaser below, that season 4 will meet that eventuality. It’s not really a surprise as they’ve been teasing Terry Silver, and building up to his Cobra Kai debut all throughout season 3 by way of Sensei Kreese’s flashback segments.

This should set the lineup for the big showdown in S4, to recap season 3 ended with Johnny and Daniel-san joining forces, uniting their two dojo’s in an effort to take down the villainous Kreese once and for all. Kreese, who doesn’t let the odds go out of his favor, will most likely enlist Silver to join him in the fight. If you need a refresher on what made Terry Silver such a formidable opponent all you need to do is watch the teaser below and his viciousness will be on full display. Still to this day, I’m totally amazed by what they managed to pull off with this show, has there ever been a spin-off so enjoyable and successful? Not to my knowledge!