Inspiration and Hope Abounds In The Trailer For ‘Under The Stadium Lights’

There’s no debate, Football (American Football for our international friends) is the most cinematic sport there ever was. Something about those gridiron gladiators stepping onto that field prepared to give every ounce of their being for the betterment of their team just oozes cinema. Not surprisingly, it’s also the best setting for the time-honored underdog story. Under The Stadium Lights, which is based on a true story of the 2009 Abilene High School football team, is directed by Todd Randall and stars Milo Gibson (son of Mel), Laurence Fishburne and a slate of fresh faces.

There’s something about the footage below that makes me feel this is going to be a winner. It’s really easy to go overboard with the schmultz in these stories. You’ve got a bunch of kids staring down the barrel of their one shot to leave their lives for something better, the one thing in reach that will elevate them above the sadness they see all around and allow them to help their family and friends. At any moment it can all be taken away from them in any one of 100 ways. A filmmaker has to tip toe through the daisies to make sure it doesn’t either get too sappy, or not pay tribute to the drama that actually unfolded.

Enough of my jabbering, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Look for Under The Stadium Lights June 4th, 2021

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