‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ Big Bad Was Informed By A Bad Filmgoing Experience

I knew there was something about Godzilla Vs Kong director Adam Wingard that I liked. Turns out that he’s just like us. The Death Note and Blair Witch director is getting rave reviews for his take on the most epic Titan deathmatch the world has known, one might think that outside of staging big action scenes there’s not much design to go into a film like this. That’s where you’d be wrong. When it comes to the secret big bad of the film *Spoilers Ahead* Mechagodzilla Wingard knew which direction he had to go based on a bad experience he had while watching Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Wingard had showed up late with a date and came to the same conclusion as most of us when it came to the films big action scenes…it was almost impossible to tell what was going on. Honestly, Wingard’s description is more apt then anything I’ve heard before:

“The Transformers, they just looked like metal. They looked like a plane crash. So I thought, that’s the thing I wanted to avoid. They were too complex. There are too many moving parts, and I couldn’t latch on to anything.”

A plane crash…seriously, is there a better description of the action scenes in the Transformers films? So with this impression Wingard did what we’ve always assumed big time Hollywood directors didn’t do, take a hint from an audience perspective.