Mark Your Calendars! Disney+ Has Announced Dates For The Premieres Of ‘Loki’ and ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’

Disney+ has proven the genius of the Mouse House extends to streaming multiple times over already. One of their more overlooked strokes of perfection has been how they are now primed to have something new debut as soon as the last big show has ended, so that we are never without fresh content from something new in terms of the Star Wars or Marvel brand. So Far it has been The Mandalorian, followed by WandaVision which will lead into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. What came next was unclear, but today we have our answers. Appropriately on May 4th (Star Wars Day), the streaming giant will premier the Clone Wars spin-off, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Fans got a taste of what’s to come in that series during the first episodes of the final season of Clone Wars last year. The series follows a group of elite clones who vary from their standard infantry brothers in a variety of ways. The most interesting part of this series is that it’s set to take place after the Clone Wars in the timeline, seeing as how clones were phased out during this period there are definitely some interesting stories waiting to be told there.

There will be a brief respite in May on the Marvel side, as Disney moves their “new content always” platform to allow for theatrical releases as well when Black Widow debuts. Obviously there is still some talk about that release date moving, and there will no doubt continue to be until the day of release with theaters still shuttered and COVID running rampant. There won’t be a long wait though for solid couch surfing Marvel goodness as Loki is set to debut on June 11th. Of the upcoming Marvel properties Loki seems to me as the least impactful but has the best chance at just being a lot of fun, and will no doubt shed further light on the Multiverse of it all.

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