Has Jennifer Lawrence Been Cast As Another Marvel Hero?

In news that is sure to disappoint those who were holding out hope for an Emily Blunt/John Krasinski led Fantastic Four film, Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly been cast as the first lady of the four Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. There’s a ton about this story that feels funky to me, first and foremost is Jennifer Lawrence’s vocal frustration with continuing to play Raven Darkholm aka Mystique in the X-Men films, now this can be easily glossed over. After all, that role required HOURS of makeup that could not have been comfortable.  Second, as The Daily Mail reports, The Fantastic Four is rumored to begin filming in Australia very soon, in the same place that Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming, and that Jennifer Lawrence is planning to be there at that time. While Jon Watts, the director of The Fantastic Four is still directing the next installment of Spider-Man, unless he’s mastered cloning that timeline doesn’t work…UNLESS, they are filming a post-credits scene to intro the Four which wouldn’t require Watts to be present.

This, is obviously all to be taken with a huge grain of salt, but I can’t lie and say that Lawrence doesn’t make sense in the role. She looks the part and is young enough to fit into the next generation Avengers that we know they are going for. Make sure to keep checking here for all the latest on this news!