A Mother’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her In The Trailer For ‘Son’

If there’s one universal truth about parenting it’s that the second that little one comes into the world you become terrified of everything that could hurt them and will do anything to protect them. Now, personally, I’ve never had to worry about a former cult I joined coming to possess, abduct, or hurt my kids…but I’m kind of a vanilla guy. Laura, it seems, is a bit more well traveled. After her son Luke is plagued by an illness none of the doctors can identify it becomes clear that the cult she joined, and then left, earlier in life is involved in whatever is happening to her son.

I’m a sucker for a good cult horror movie and love the resurgence they are having with the success of films like Midsommar, hell I even enjoyed the whole “cult of the thorne” storyline from Halloween 6…but I know I’m in the minority there. Ivan Kavanagh’s Son, which looks like it’s secured a March 5th release date, looks like it will fall closer to Midsommar then everyone’s least favorite installment of Halloween. From the trailer below it’s obvious that this film is going to incorporate all of the ingredients and tricks that comprise solid, terrifying, horror films. Let’s be real…who’s not creeped out by little kids moving in unnatural ways?

Check out the trailer below and look for Son on Shudder, March 5th, 2021