Behold, The True Horrors of the 1600’s In The Trailer for ‘The Reckoning’

Being a Woman is not easy, never has been, and while I’m not a Woman myself I feel comfortable in saying things have gotten somewhat better. Neil Marshall’s (Dog Soldiers, Game of Thrones, The DescentThe Reckoning digs deep into the horrors of being not just a person in 1665 much less a woman during the time where, if your husband kills himself you can be accused as a witch and subjected the absolutely horrible and surprisingly creative methods of torture of the time. In case you didn’t guess, that’s exactly what happens here. This seems AWESOME, in the evilest way of course. If you don’t think that plague doctor masks were amongst the creepiest pieces of professional headwear devised, maybe this isn’t for you. However, if you’re not broken inside, check out the trailer below and remember…No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The film stars Charlotte Kirk, best known for her roles in How to Be Single and Ocean’s 8, plus Joe Anderson, Sean Pertwee, and Steven Waddington. The Reckoning opens in theaters and VOD on February 5th.

SYNOPSIS: After losing her husband during the Great Plague, Grace Haverstock (Charlotte Kirk) is unjustly accused of being a witch and placed in the custody of England’s most ruthless witch-hunter, Judge Moorcroft (Sean Pertwee). Forced to endure physical and emotional torture while steadfastly maintaining her innocence, Grace must face her own inner demons as the Devil himself starts to work his way into her mind.