A New Teaser For WandaVision Seems To Shed More Light

I have been ABSOLUTELY unsure of the direction of this show since it was first announced. I mean, obviously I was aware that what we were seeing wasn’t really happening, but other then that….stumped. The subsequent trailers, while giving a better look at the world, didn’t do much to illuminate the who/what/why of it all. I think my feelings have finally swayed to a side after seeing this latest 1 minute teaser that was just released. The options were between

A. Wanda had a psychotic break after the events of Infinity War/Endgame and retreated to a mental fantasy land of her own making


B. For reasons unknown, possibly sensing the true power of the Scarlet Witch, some person or group has imprisoned Wanda in a mental ‘Matrix’ type situation.

I’ve been leaning toward B, but after seeing this I’m sure of it. You have the people that seem to infiltrate her world that don’t belong (i.e., Sewer Man) and little hints dropped here and there that folks like Kathryn Hahn’s character are there to perform specifically for Wanda.


I know I’m possibly alone on this but I hope there’s some magic underneath the “sitcom through the ages” of it all, I just don’t feel that Marvel draw to this project. They’ve never failed us and I’m sure I’ll be eating my words by the time this month is out. Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think in the comments.




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