First Image From ‘Spider-Man 3’ Sends An Important Message

We’ve got the first image from Spider-Man 3. While we’ve had plenty of MCU news since COVID first hit, we haven’t seen much in terms of new film production. Spider-Man 3 helped to break that streak with the below post shared by Tom Holland earlier today. Not to waste a chance for a positive message, Spidey encourages folks to wear a mask, after all “I’m Wearing Two..” the young star posted. While the shot of the webcrawler against a bluescreen backdrop doesn’t really tell us anything new about the film, other then the suit he wears, I have to wonder if the mask is a PSA for our real world, or a sure sign that the MCU will have been affected by the pandemic as well. If they do address COVID in universe, this could be an actual shot and not just a publicity pic. Chances of that are low, the MCU has always felt just separated enough from us hear on Earth Prime and considering they just got done with their own, giant, purple skinned, world changing event it may be a little much to pack a pandemic on top of everything else.

Check out the post below, and we’ll deliver more on Spider-Man 3 the second we have it. Currently, we’re about a year out from the film’s projected release date of December 17th, 2021. It seems like a long stretch, but if there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s how to be patient.


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Wear a mask, I’m wearing two…

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