Catch The First Five Minutes Of ‘Mulan’ To Celebrate The Wide Release

Mulan has been out for a few months now, if you’re a Disney+ subscriber who ponied up the $30 to see the film in house on the date it was supposed to be released in cinemas. However, if you weren’t one of the many that dropped the extra cash, your time has come. Mulan is officially out on Digital and Blu-Ray, and if you’re a Disney+ subscriber you can throw it into your queue free of charge.

Now, generally speaking, getting the first five minutes of a film is no big deal, you can barley get the feel of things in five minutes (unless we’re talking Inglorious Basterds), but Mulan, thankfully, tells you all you need to know in that first 5. The blending of the original story, with bright colors, great performances and the beauty of wire-fu all thrown into one.

Check out the clip below and look for Mulan on Disney+ or wherever you get your VOD rentals