Michael Keaton Won’t Confirm Batman Return For ‘The Flash’

He Did Have Time To Make A Presidential Endorsement, Though

Is Michael Keaton messing with us right now? Surely, he understands the Internet went batshit for Batman when it was reported Keaton was in talks to return as the superhero in The Flash opposite Ezra Miller. And yet in a recent appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Keaton plays coy as to whether he’s actually signed for the film.

“I can’t confirm anything,” Keaton said. “So, we’re having discussions as they say. We’re talking about it. We’ll see if that happens.”

Excuse me, what? What do you mean “we’ll see!?!!?”  I don’t get amped up over too much these days but I REALLY want this to happen, and having Ben Affleck as his version of Batman joining him is just too cool to go to waste.

When Affleck’s return was mentioned, Keaton joked that “all 127” versions of Batman would be showing up, so if we’re lucky maybe they’ll dig up Adam West, build a bulk suit for Val Kilmer, and drop a truckload of money on George Clooney’s doorstep.

Chances are this will get done. Keaton was always just in negotiations and clearly the deal hasn’t been inked yet. But he seems like a good sport for this, and he’s obviously done his share of superhero stuff since.  I just find it kinda funny all of these Marvel/Sony guys who keep getting pulled back into the DCEU.

Meanwhile, Keaton stayed in the news by doing something I don’t think he’s ever done before and that’s endorse a candidate for President. In a newly-released video, the actor, referring to his full name of Michael Keaton Douglas, endorsed Joe Biden with the most convincing rationale ever: “I’m frickin’ Batman.”

Travis Hopson
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