Short Film For ‘The Boys’ Reveals Butcher’s Journey from Season 1 to 2

One question on everyone’s minds after seeing the season premier of The Boys second running was, “How exactly did Billy Butcher get away from Homelander and back to the crew?”. How indeed, this question was so pressing that they decided to release a short film walking down this very thing. Sad thing is that the film itself is nothing special…a standard ‘guy on the run goes to an old friend who he can/can’t trust’ scenario. That’s besides the point though, I appreciate the fact that they’re putting out these little nuggets in-between episodes, and it’s something I think other shows/studios should follow suit on. If you’re anything like me you LOVED the DVD extras, which are long becoming a casualty of the digital revolution. I know you can get them on YouTube just the same as anywhere else but where’s the pomp and circumstance! This is all you have to do, take your featurettes or extended cuts and call them “short films”, boom..bob’s your uncle and your fancy now!

I will say the clip does further illustrate just how close to the edge of blatant psychopath Butcher is, not to spoil the clip, you’ll get my meaning after you watch it. I’m sure fans of the graphic novels already know the depths of depravity this series ventures too and I, for one, can NOT wait to see what else is in store this season. In dark times like this sometimes what you need is something darker to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think

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