Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo To Lead ‘Copshop’ with Joe Carnahan Behind the Lens

You know what the world could always use more of? Gritty, fun action movies with simple, well executed plots. It’s one of the things I’m most thankful to streaming for, they seem to have picked up this slice of the pie that theatrical venues have left on the table. I love them, there’s no better way to kick-back and relax then by watching a couple of guys (or gals) go through hell trying to kill each other. So it should come as no surprise that I was overly excited by the news that Open Road Films and STX International are putting together a mini-dream team of action ingredients for a film called Copshop. They’ve got Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Smoking Aces, The A-Team) directing Frank Grillo and Gerard Butler in a story about a hitman, a cop, and a con-man all having it out in a police station, sounds to me like Assault On Precinct 66 with more focused characters. While the cop role will be inhabited by an, as of yet, unnamed actress, we do know that Butler will be playing the hitman and Grillo the con-man. Say what you will about the declining blockbuster status of Butler’s roles, I will ALWAYS watch his action films. Frank Grillo? Seriously, how is this guy not more of a presence by now? I mean, between his Marvel role as Crossbones and The Purge franchise it seems like he should be identifiable to everyone. In any event, we will bring you more on Copshop as we have it, until then let’s just sit in anxious anticipation.


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