‘I Used To Go Here’ Interview: Director Kris Rey On Working With Gillian Jacobs, Admiring The Next Generation, & More

Writer, director and sometimes actor Kris Rey has been a big player in the indie film scene for years. From her first film eleven years ago, It Was Great, But I Was Ready To Come Home, to 2014’s Empire Builder, to 2015’s Unexpected, Rey has used a grounded and realistic approach to tell complex female-driven stories rooted in reality and humor. Her latest I Used To Go Here continues that tradition but also unexpectedly speaks to the vibe of our uncertain and disappointing times.

In it, Gillian Jacobs plays Kate, a flailing writer, fresh off the lackluster release of her first book, who goes back to her alma mater for a book talk. Greeting her is her former professor and crush, David (Jemaine Clement), and the crushing reality of insincere praise and disappointing expectations. As she navigates the weekend, hanging with current students (Hannah Marks, who recently wrote and starred in Banana Split, Forrest Goodluck, Khloe Janel, Josh Wiggins, Brandon Daley) to soothe her anxiety, Kate realizes how she can move forward and not let this experience define her.

I sat down with Kris to discuss the origins of her script, the joys of working with her cast, and how the film’s message fits our current moment. Not only was she delightful and straight-forward but shared really great advice about how we can learn and grow from disappointment.

I Used To Go Here is available for on-demand and streaming now. Watch the interview below:


Cortland Jacoby
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