The Official ‘Lovecraft Country’ Trailer Is Here To Frighten

Whew, HBO is really doing their thing lately and from the looks of this trailer Lovecraft Country will be another in a string of solid shows since the end of Game of Thrones. Even they’re lower-profile stuff has been worth watching, I’m currently getting sucked into Perry Mason (there’s something I never thought I’d say).

Being a horror fan through and through, I have a depressingly vague knowledge of HP Lovecraft, I know the name Cthulhu, I know some people worship him ironically, but that’s about it. I did know enough to know I’d be into anything that uses the man’s name in it’s title and based on the clip below I’m right on target. The series, which was created by Misha Green and Jordan Peele follows a young African-American man as he travels across the Jim Crowe south looking for his missing father in the 1950’s. Needless to say this show is going to have layers and will most likely teach the lesson that the best Zombie movies always teach…humans are the real monsters.

Check out the trailer chock-full of scares below and look for Lovecraft Country on HBO August 16th, 2020


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