Rejoice! Pauly Shore Is Back Ruining Property Values In ‘Guest House’

Who missed the weasel? C’mon, be honest if you’re of a certain age then you have to list at least one Pauly Shore movie among you guilty pleasures. For me it was either Son in Law (early Carla Gugino, what!?) or Jury Duty. I’m not saying they were good, but they were fun to watch.

Well good news folks, the upcoming Lionsgate comedy Guest House has Pauly getting back to his old ways and he’s brought a bunch of folks you haven’t seen in a while with him! Let’s check the official synopsis:

A newly engaged couple finds the home of their dreams and it quickly becomes a nightmare when the previous owner’s friend continues squatting in their guest house. It leads to a turf war that ultimately ruins their house, their marriage and their lives.

Fun right? As you’ll see in the trailer below it’s not just the marquee stars like Charlotte McKinney, Mikaela Hoover, and Aimee Teegarden that you should concern yourself with, it’s the likes of Steve-O, Bobby Lee, and Billy Zane that’s going to have you hitting ‘Rent’ when this hits VOD. Could it be horrible? Sure…but I’m thinking it’s more likely to become a guilty pleasure in a lot of people’s minds. Nostalgia works!

Guest House hits On Demand and Digital September 4th, 2020

Guest House

Director: Sam Macaroni
Writers: Sean Bishop, Troy Duffy
Stars: Liz Katz, Mikaela Hoover, Aimee Teegarden

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