Trump’s Space Force May Be In For A Name Change

The empire had the rebellion, the United Federation of Planets had the Borg, and now Donald Trump is locked in a space battle with the galaxy’s greatest purveyor of C-Grade films and limited series…NETFLIX! Cue dramatic music and lens flares!

If you haven’t already heard this bit of “the world is now actually satire” news, some time ago Donald Trump announced a new organization in the US government that’s been tasked to rid our galaxy of alien invaders (that’s not the actual mission…but it’s all just too ridiculous for me to take the time to look it up), this organization was to be known as “Space Force”. At the same time, unbeknownst to the head Cheeto in charge, Netflix was developing a comedy series starring Steve called…you guessed it, Space Force. The Hollywood Reporter put together a great deep-dive on the subject. Obviously this story has a quick resolution because the US Military is on top of it and filed the patents and trademark applications right away. Except, they didn’t. It’s almost as if they thought the idea, or at the least the name was so ludacris that they wanted a way out of using it. I mean, it’s great for a comedy starring Steve Carrell but for a branch of the strongest military in the world? This is what a 10 year old would come up with. Put the other branches through the same lens. Ground Force, Sea Force, Air For…..oh, right. Thankfully First Amendment rights prevent the government from employing any Draconian tactics to get their name back, but it’s still a very interesting story. Personally, I hope they change it to SPACE RANGERS!, exactly like that, exclamation mark and all.