‘Rick and Morty’ Returns! Check Out The Trailer For ‘Rick and Morty: The Other FIve’

I hope this doesn’t cost us readers but I have a confession to make….I have never seen Rick and Morty, the colossal cult hit on Adult Swim that every fan of all things geek seems to live for. I caught half of an episode one time and just never got past that point. It’s not that I didn’t like it…I think I just jumped in on a weird episode. That being said I’m well aware of the rapid fandom and the torture they’ve been through for new episodes. I haven’t seen this kind of blowback from scheduling since those final couple seasons of The Sopranos. Well, good news for the quarantined, five more episodes of TV’s top animated duo are hitting Adult Swim starting Sunday May 3rd at 11:30 PM. I have to admit, the sheer insanity of this 1 minute clip was enough to re-pique my interest…looks like I have some streaming to do!