‘Last Moment Of Clarity’ Trailer: Identity Crisis Thriller Stars Samara Weaving, Brian Cox, And Carly Chaiken

Samara Weaving is on a definite role, staking her place as a genre rising star with roles in Mayhem, Guns Akimbo, and Ready or Not. While she’ll be seen later in Bill & Ted Face the Music (unless it gets moved), Weaving’s next role is in the mysterious thriller Last Moment of Clarity.

Marking the directorial debut of James and Colin Krisel, Last Moment of Clarity has a Hitchcockian element to it, but it’s also a bit of a mobster flick. Weaving stars as Georgia, the long-lost girlfriend to Sam (Zach Avery), who thinks he has found her working as an actress in a Hollywood movie. Where the mystery comes in is that Georgia was murdered years earlier by mobsters. This sends Sam on a quest for the truth, teaming up with the enigmatic Kat (Carly Chaiken) for help.

The cast includes screen vets Brian Cox and Udo Kier, both capable of devouring scenery at the drop of a hat. This could be fun, and the premise, while I described it as Hitchcockian before, also sounds like a novel Harlan Coben might’ve written.

Last Moment of Clarity hits DVD and digital on May 19th.

SYNOPSIS: After his girlfriend Georgia (Samara Weaving, Ready or Not) is murdered by European mobsters, Sam (Zach Avery, Fury) flees to Paris to hide out. Years later, he sees a woman in a Hollywood film who he’s certain is Georgia. In L.A. to investigate, he encounters enigmatic Kat (Carly Chaikin, “Mr. Robot”), who impulsively decides to help him on his quest. But when Sam meets the mystery actress face-to-face, his life spins out of control. Also starring Golden Globe® winner Brian Cox (2020, Best Television Actor – Drama Series, Succession) and Udo Kier, this twisty Hitchcockian thriller will keep you guessing until the final frame.