‘Radioactive’ Trailer: Rosamund Pike Is Marie Curie In Marjane Satrapi’s Biopic

It’s been a few years since Marjane Satrapi’s visionary psycho-thriller The Voices, a film that sadly went overlooked despite one of Ryan Reynolds’ finest performances. Now she’s back with the biopic Radioactive, which stars the always-great Rosamund Pike as pioneering scientist Marie Curie.

Radioactive is penned by Jack Thorne, and based on a graphic novel centered on Curie, whose research in the field of radioactivity was groundbreaking, although as a woman it was hard for her to get the proper recognition.  The film also stars Sam Riley as her husband, Pierre, and Anya Taylor-Joy as their daughter, Irene.

This looks like a fairly standard biopic, but given that Satrapi’s in charge I doubt that’ll be the case. Her films, which include Persepolis and Chicken with Plums, have all pushed limits visually. Pike is one of the finest actresses working today and deserving of bigger things. I have no doubt she’ll deliver another strong performance. Having just watched The World’s End again it reminded me of how well-rounded an actress she is. She can literally do it all.

Radioactive opens in the UK on March 20th. Let’s hope a U.S. date is soon to follow.