Want to Stay Up All Night? The Trailer for ‘The Lodge’ is Here to Help!

I’ve always been a huge horror fan, I eat it up. There’s only one sub-genre that ever really scared me though. Paranormal horror with a religious slant is a surefire way to get me acting like a 4 year old girl (or boy, whatever, no gender stereotypes here). Enter The Lodge a story about a woman in a remote cabin, a Lodge, if you will, accompanied by what seems to be her boyfriends kids. They then dribble in some backstory about her time in a cult where everyone killed themselves and she was the only survivor and we start to realize that this isn’t going to end well. The remote nature of the setting, the feel, the shot selection, all of it seems primed to give us a terrifying time. Add in Timothy Omundson as the leader of the aforementioned cult and I’m all aboard this train ride to hell. Omundson has got to be one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, an amazing character actor with a look that can’t be mimicked.

Check out the trailer below and….hey, wait! Was that Alicia Silverstone! More bonus points to Gryffindor for that one!