Noah Hawley Hasn’t Heard From Marvel About ‘Doctor Doom’, But Remains Hopeful

No news is good news. At least, that seems to be the attitude Noah Hawley is taking about the Doctor Doom movie he had been working on before Fox was acquired by Disney. There have been sporadic updates, including a meeting Hawley had with Marvel regarding the Fantastic Four supervillain and thin rumors he may appear in Black Panther 2, but nothing that says the film is a go.

In an interview with Deadline, Hawley confesses to be unaware of Marvel’s plans for Doctor Doom, but holds out hope his movie can still happen…

“The phone hasn’t rung,” he said. “I love the script and what I did with it. Marvel seems to have a plan for everything, it would be great if I fell into that plan. And I haven’t been chasing it, and with ‘Star Trek,’ it complicates it But if the phone rings, I’m in.”

Yeah, a little thing like Star Trek might complicate things, for sure. That’s if Hawley’s take on Doctor Doom was in Marvel’s plans, but I think we have to take their silence as evidence they’re going in a different direction. Then again, y’never know. I’m sure they have his phone number if things change.