Josh Boone Says ‘The New Mutants’ Will Be His Original Version

The New Mutants director Josh Boone has really been promoting the Hell out of Monday’s trailer, which would be surprising if you’ve been following the troubled production. What we’ve often heard is Boone’s version of the film was unimpressive and was being sent back for extensive reshoots which would add new characters, perhaps tweak the horror tone, etc. Fox had essentially taken Boone off of the film, or at least wanted it changed so much it would be recognizable from his cut.

Well, maybe things have changed now that New Mutants falls under the Marvel Studios banner. According to Boone himself, the version of the movie we’re going to see in theaters is 100% the original version he shot…

That’s pretty good news, and suggests the ties to the X-Men and references to mutants will remain intact. We’d heard the film has Marvel/Disney’s “blessing”, so they must be happier than Fox was at the time.

It’s still possible when The New Mutants opens in April 2020 that it will be outside of MCU continuity. I still find it difficult to believe Kevin Feige would use this film to introduce the X-Men. I just don’t see it, but hope to be proven wrong.