‘Bloodshot’ Gets a Disappointing Rating and Two Awesome Posters

Bloodshot is a property that I’m ashamed to say I know nothing about….it seems like it couldn’t be more up my alley, yet I’ve never even heard of it until this Vin Diesel movie came about. Diesel, who’s been trying to get a successful comic book film under his belt for years, and only has a single line of dialogue to show for it (“I Am Groot” anyone?) seemed to have a winner here. Maybe not an MCU caliber winner, more of an Upgrade level, but winning is winning right? The trailer is every bit of sci-fi awesomeness you could hope for. One part Universal Soldier one part X-Men with some Blade thrown in for good measure it really feels like one of those under the radar comic book flicks that really resonates with people…like Dredd for example. Then the rating was released. Now, I’m not usually a fatalist when it comes to hearing something is PG-13, you can do ALOT with that rating and a creative director with most projects. This doesn’t seem like most projects, this seems to crave hyper-violence. Much the way that Deadpool would have been neutered by a PG-13, Bloodshot will most likely suffer from the label.

But hey….at least we have these cool new posters! And I’ve included the trailer below just in case you haven’t seen it yet.


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