‘Shazam’ Sequel Is Officially On The Way

It was a big weekend for Warner Bros. and the DCEU at CCXP. Not only did they drop the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, they also confirmed what many of us already knew and were hoping to get confirmation of: Shazam 2 is coming.

While we already knew Henry Gayden had been re-hired to write the Shazam sequel, this was Warner Bros. making it official. Zachary Levi will return as Shazam, and presumably so will Asher Angel as young Billy Batson, the young boy gifted with the magical ability to transform into the powerful hero. David F. Sandberg is also expected to return as director, although that has not been confirmed. Nor has an official start date although Levi has speculated we could see filming begin next summer.

As far as where the story could go, we do have some clues.  The previous film did introduce the rest of the Marvel Family, so Billy Batson/Shazam won’t be alone next time. Also, the mid-credits scene did introduce the alien worm creature Mister Mind, who proposed a partnership with Mark Strong’s Dr. Sivana. We could see Mister Mind joined by others in the Monster Society of Evil. And let’s not forget that Dwayne Johnson’s antihero Black Adam was also teased, and with the character getting his own movie soon we could see a crossover start to take shape. [via MovieWeb]