David Ayer Heads To Familiar Ground With Remake Of Classic ‘The Dirty Dozen’

David Ayer, who has shown more than a lot of talent with efforts like End of Watch and Fury is a bit of a weird choice for a remake of the classic WW2 film The Dirty Dozen. Why? Well, let’s go over the synopsis of the original. Basically, a group of war criminals is tasked with an unwinnable situation and can possibly win their freedom if they succeed. That’s right, it’s the proto-suicide squad. The film version of which was much maligned and also….directed by Ayer.

Word is that the film won’t be set in WW2 like it’s predecessor, so that takes out the skills he honed on the underappreciated Fury. Still, it would be unfair to say that Ayer can’t kill this job just because of the DCEU’s failings. Suicide Squad fell victim to many of the DCEU’s early misses and mismanagement of creativity. Ayer has shown that he can do gritty, and he can do war and honestly, that’s enough for me. He’ll write the script, as well, and will be joined by X-Men producer and Dark Phoenix director, Simon Kinberg. [THR]