Amazon’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series Casts Morfydd Clark As Young Galadriel

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series isn’t expected to have a lot of familiar faces. You won’t see anybody from the Peter Jackson movies, for sure. But there will be at least some characters that fans of Jackson’s trilogy will recognize, and a big one has just been cast.

Variety reports actress Morfydd Clark has been cast in the role of Galadriel, the elvish noble previously played by Cate Blanchett. Clark is best known for playing Sister Clara on HBO’s His Dark Materials. She also had a small role in this year’s horror, Crawl, and will play Mina Harker in Netflix’s Dracula series. So she’s keeping very busy.

The appearance of Galadriel makes sense. Due to her Elven nature she’s extremely long-lived, and was a key figure during the Second Age, which is when the series is rumored to take place. That was the time when the evil Sauron was just beginning to acquire the newly-forged Rings of Power, with one kept in Galadriel’s possession.

With Will Poulter recently exiting the series, expect Amazon to start filling in the other roles pretty quickly as they prepare for production early next year