A Small Town Gets Big Problems in the Official Trailer for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

It’s finally here! And with the full trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife we also get some answers to the story behind it all, for the most part the answers we got are pretty awesome. First and foremost the trailer reveals how Ivan Reitman decided to handle the legacy of Harold Ramis, and honestly it makes too much sense. That old house that the family moves into…you know the one where Ecto-1 was stored in an old barn. Yeah, that was Spangler’s, and he’s left it to his daughter. The kids in the film, his grand-kids, while it might be an obvious play it simply makes sense and ensures that he’ll be front and center, in some way, throughout the film.

Outside of that I have some reservations. Not a sight of a single OG ‘buster throughout the trailer (save for one news clip), and it would appear that the movie is almost a paranormal Goonies. That may not be a bad thing but it will ruffle some purist feathers. There is another angle, one that if true other filmmakers should copy. The footage we’re looking at could be totally from the first act and a half of the film. We know the original crew is on-board so it’s more then possible that what we are seeing is the setup for the film and Venkman, Stanz, and Zedmore are minutes away from showing up to show the little ones the way.

There’s plenty of other neat little notes from the trailer, like when Paul Rudd’s teacher character who is obviously a GB fanboy, lets out that there haven’t been any ghost sightings in 30 years and the reaction from the kids which implies the events of NYC 1984 have been all but forgotten (I mean, who wouldn’t forget a 20-story marshmallow man?). I won’t bore you by regurgitating all of the details anymore then I already have, check it out below and let us know what you think.