Back to Elm St? Wes Craven’s Estate Begins Talk for a New FIlm and TV Show

Next August it will have been 5 years since the horror community, and really Hollywood as a whole, lost a legend when Wes Craven passed away. It will also be 10 years since the less then favorably received remake, starting Jackie Earle Haley in the stripped sweater, was released. Word is now coming out that  Craven’s estate has begun taking meetings to discuss the future of the famed franchise, and you know what? I’m pretty freakin’ happy about that. ANOES has one of the best untapped mythos of any property out there, and that’s AFTER 8 movies and a remake. There’s just so much to get into, from the events that turned Freddy into the dream stalker to the many ways one can be knocked off inside a dream. This may be counter to what I’d say about most properties, the mystery is what makes most of these guys special but I don’t think Freddy fits in that space. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees? Sure, mystery is the key word, but Freddy? That’s so much personality and story to be filled in a way that’s meant to be told.

The word from those horror mavens over at Bloody-Disgusting is that they aren’t just looking for film ideas but also exploring pitches for a series to air on HBOMax (oh great, another must have streaming service). We’ll have more on this as it comes out but for now, get your ambien ready and prepare to head to dreamtown, population. EVERYONE!