Did Patty Jenkins Just Confirm Pedro Pascals ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Character?

If there is one actor for whom I’m especially happy to see Hollywood embracing it’s Pedro Pascal. His electrifying debut as the Red Viper of Dorne, Prince Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones was enough to sell me on the movie star ability of the Chilean born actor. Since his all too short stint on GoT the actor has made the rounds in plot heavy supporting roles and is heading up the eagerly anticipated The Mandalorian for Disney+, though it’s not known yet whether we will ever actually see him without the helmet.

When images hit of Pascal in character on the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, speculation immediately began that he would be playing Maxwell Lord, a top-tier member of the DC Comics “rich-guy villian” subset. Well, as per usual, we internet nerds know our shit and Patty Jenkins somewhat mysterious tweet seems to confirm those guesses. See below for the tweet and let us know what you think!