Taika Waititi On Who The Main Thor Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Is

One of the biggest announcements to come out of Comic-Con was the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU as part of Thor: Love and Thunder. But she won’t just be coming back to be Thor’s on again/off again lover Jane Foster, she’ll actually become Thor. That raised the question of whose movie this really is. Would it be Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, who is hopefully back in tip-top physical shape? Or would it be Portman as the new Thor?

Only director Taika Waititi can answer that question, and he does to MTV while discussing his TIFF award-winner Jojo Rabbit. When asked who the real star of Thor: Love and Thunder would be, Waititi responded with, “It’s Chris. It’s a Thor film. He is Thor, it’s a Thor film. She’s in it.”

Waititi also reveals that he’s only a few pages into the script, and talks about getting permission from Marvel to join James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Sam Rockwell is there, too, and it only makes me wish there was a way to bring back Iron Man 2‘s Justin Hammer.

Portman wasn’t exactly dying for a return to the MCU after a couple of forgettable appearances in two Thor movies, and I’m of the opinion her run as the Mighty Thor will last exactly one movie. I don’t think she survives this one, honestly. And it seems now that Jane Foster is still just a supporting player, newfound Asgardian powers or not.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens November 5th 2021.