Nicolas Cage Is Making A Movie About Rescuing A Kidnapped Pig

Nicolas Cage is making a movie about the search for a kidnapped pig.

Somehow, that seems exactly as it should be.

Hey, if Tony Jaa can make a kickass martial arts movie about rescuing a missing elephant, Cage can track all the wayward piggies he wants. Cage and Hereditary‘s Alex Wolff are starring in Pig, about an Oregon truffle hunter whose best foraging pig gets pigknapped, so he must journey to Portland to rescue her. By returning there he must also face the troubled past he long abandoned.

This weird film is by writer/director Michael Sarnsoski, based on a story he co-wrote with Vanessa Block. Sarnsoski and Block previously teamed up for the 2015 Oscar-nominated short, The Testimony. Filming on Pig is underway and here’s hoping Cage goes on press tour with his hammy pet. [Deadline]