*UPDATE* ‘Midsommar’ Director’s Cut Will Be On Apple TV, Just Not Exclusively

*UPDATE: A correction from a rep at A24 who spoke with ThePlaylist and revealed the Midsommar director’s cut will not exclusive to Apple TV, but on other platforms, as well. No word on what those platforms will be, but hopefully it includes Bluray/DVD. So basically everything in the original piece below is some booshit.*

The full 171-minute vision for Ari Aster’s cultish relationship-horror Midsommar was re-released into theaters last weekend, and while there are a few places you can still find it, the number is dwindling fast. But if you were hoping to sit this one out and wait for the home release, there’s only one way you’re going to be able to do that.

It was noticed by the folks at Bloody Disgusting that attempts to pre-order the movie on ITunes were accompanied by this message:

“Your purchase of Midsommar comes with Ari Aster’s extended and unrated director’s cut, exclusive to Apple TV. Plus go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Midsommar in an exclusive featurette, and watch the creation of Hälsingland in time-lapse footage of the elaborate and meticulous set construction.”

To be clear, this means you’ll be able to purchase the unrated director’s cut through ITunes, which is soon to be folded into the Apple TV service, which is where all of the movies and TV you used to get on ITunes will be found. If you’re looking for the plain old theatrical version, you’ll be able to buy that on Bluray/DVD courtesy of Lionsgate on October 8th, but they are offering a bare minimum of special features.  The digital/VOD release is two weeks earlier on September 24th.

This is all the reason I need to head out this weekend and see the extended cut of Midsommar while it’s available in theaters.