Jon Watts In Talks To Return For Third ‘Spider-Man’ Movie, Watch Tom Holland’s Priceless Reaction

It’s Spider-Man Day! Fans were given a pretty big reason to smile earlier today when Sony and Disney hugged it out and brought Spider-Man back to the MCU for one a little while longer. There were a few things we didn’t have coming out of that report, though. We hadn’t heard any reaction from Tom Holland; we didn’t know much about the financials, and we weren’t sure if Jon Watts would come back to direct the newly-dated Spider-Man 3.  Well, now we have answers to all three, but only two are interesting.

Let’s start with the most important, I guess, and that’s Watts’ return for a third Spider-Man movie. Deadline reports Watts has entered talks for one more movie, which will wrap-up the franchise in the MCU. When the whole split happened, Watts had yet to be signed for another movie and it wasn’t clear whether he would make the move over to Sony. Rather, Watts just kinda sat quietly and waited to see how things played out. It seems he made the right move. The next Spidey film has been set for July 2021, and it looks as if he’ll be a part of it.

Now for the least interesting, which is the deal Sony and came up with to keep Spidey in the MCU. You may recall reports that Disney was asking for a 50/50 split of the box office and financing at the time things broke down. That turned out to not be totally true, as Disney was seeking a 25% cut of the gross for their 25% in co-financing. Sony had rejected it, but they gave it some thought and have come around to Disney’s way of thinking. They must’ve read all of those angry tweets and saw the online petitions demanding they work things out.

Finally, Tom Holland has the best reaction to the news by far. You can never go wrong with Leo.

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