‘Lady And The Tramp’ Trailer: Watch Adorables Canines Fall In Love In Disney’s Live-Action Remake

Initially conceived to be another in Disney’s growing library of live-action remakes on the big screen, Lady and the Tramp instead was sent to Disney+ where it could help launch the streaming service many see as a complete game-changer. It’s arguably a lot more pressure on the movie’s furry shoulders, but with the new trailer’s debut it’s tough to think about all of that when the whole thing looks so darn cute.

Directed by The Lego Ninjago Movie‘s Charlie Bean and penned by indie filmmaker Andrew Bujalski (Support the Girls), Lady and the Tramp follows the 1955 animated classic about an upper-class cocker spaniel named Lady who falls for a street mutt named Tramp. Tessa Thompson voices Lady with Justin Theroux as Tramp, with Ashley Jensen, Benedict Wong, Janelle Monáe and Sam Elliott voicing other dogs, which are all real and not CGI like the animals in Disney’s other remakes. Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann, Yvette Nicole Brown, Adrian Martinez, and Arturo Castro play the human roles.
Even for a cat person like myself, Lady and the Tramp looks completely charming and this could be just the thing to help get Disney+ off on the right foot. 
Lady and the Tramp arrives on November 12th.