‘Krypton’ Axed After Season Two Finale, ‘Lobo’ Spinoff Won’t Move Forward

Superman’s homeworld has gone bust yet again. Syfy has canceled Krypton, the TV series that served as a Superman origin story, after just two seasons on the network. This also means the Lobo spinoff series they were hoping to launch has been axed, too.

Krypton was a big hit for Syfy when it debuted, quickly becoming its highest-rated series in years, but that fell off sharply with season two, which is also when Lobo was introduced. The show takes place years before Superman’s birth and follows the family of El, primarily the Justice League hero’s grandfather Seg-El, as he tangles with forces that threaten to destroy the planet.

There’s a chance Krypton could turn up elsewhere, with DC Universe and HBO Max the most obvious candidates. Warner Horizon Scripted Television is shopping it around to other outlets, as well. 

I gave the show a test drive when it began and never could get into it. The characters were bland, and the mythology it was creating felt meaningless. Some I know who kept up with it say a better job was done to make Superman a bigger part of the story, so maybe if the show gets picked up I’ll give it another shot.  [Deadline]