Peter Farrelly Plans Suicide Comedy Series ‘The Now’ For Quibi Streaming

What’s a Quibi? I don’t know. Probably you don’t, either. But it’s yet another streaming service looking to suck your bank account dry, and they’re hoping that Peter Farrelly, director of Best Picture-winning film Green Book, is a big enough name to get your dollars.

Variety reports that Farrelly is planning a new Quibi series titled The Now, and if you were one who thought he sorta mishandled the whole race issue with Green Book, don’t worry! This time he’s just going to make a comedy about suicide. The show follows a man who learns his brother has committed suicide, which he learns shortly after his father also committed suicide. So what he must do is live in “the now” and learn to put the past behind him.

Obviously, this is going to require a delicate touch, and whether Farrelly can pull that off we’ll just have to wait and see. The Quibi format may actually help out in that task, as it’s a platform designed for mobile use, with content broken down into 10-minute chunks.

Quibi launches in spring 2020 and while it’s unconfirmed, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Now is a big part of it.