‘Light Of My Life’ Trailer: Casey Affleck’s Post-Apocalyptic Father-Daughter Drama

Excuse me for forgetting that Casey Affleck already has a feature directing credit to his name, but it’s been nearly a decade since the silly, of-the-moment mockumentary I’m Still Here. All of these years later, Affleck quietly got back behind the camera for Light of My Life, a post-apocalytic drama that debuted, once again very quietly, at  the Berlin International Film Festival.

Something tells me Affleck is keeping quiet for a reason, but this isn’t the forum to discuss his entanglements with the #MeToo movement. Affleck co-wrote, directed, and stars in the film about a father who struggles to keep his daughter safe ten years after a pandemic has wiped out half of the human population. Anna Pniowsky and Elisabeth Moss co-star. 
The buzz out of Berlin was, well, very quiet on this one, and the rollout isn’t looking to be very big. We haven’t seen a lot from Affleck since his Best Actor win for Manchester by the Sea, and this doesn’t appear to be the movie that brings him out from the shadows.
Light of My Life opens August 9th.